People head into the new year with the best of intentions: eat better, save money, take a great vacation. But what about your brand? Maybe it could stand to change a few habits, too. Here are some of the resolutions we recommend to make your brand healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

  1. Talk less, listen more.
    Simplify your brand’s message.
  2. Find your motivation.
    Define your brand’s purpose.
  3. Train for a marathon.
    Stay focused on the long term.
  4. Skip dessert.
    Say no more often.
  5. Take calculated risks.
    Say yes only to the best opportunities.
  6. Spend time with your family.
    Forge smart brand partnerships.
  7. Be more grateful.
    Reward your brand’s biggest supporters.
  8. Get to meetings on time.
    Be consistent in your actions.
  9. Ask that person out.
    Don’t be afraid to take bold moves.
  10. Save money.
    Invest wisely in your brand.
  11. Take singing lessons.
    Cultivate a strong brand voice.
  12. Laugh more.
    Learn when to take your brand less seriously.